hiya!! 👋 i'm karina/nina (they/them)! i'm a qtpoc illustrator who likes fucking around with ms paint (among other things)! im also a very stressed university student lol 😰

this is just a landing page for folks to go to before i've got everything all set up, and eventually it'll be a landing page directing you to all my links once i get my ducks in order! bookmark this page and check back in every now and then to see any updates!!! ✌️

good things are coming soon! commissions should be open around late may, and hopefully once the semester ends, i'll have the capacity to start some social media accounts and start posting more art!

if you wanna chat, ask about future projects, whatever, feel free to hit me up on discord (m8acaroni#4721) or email me at [email protected]! :)

( made with carrd )